Sunday, February 13, 2011

missing parts .

It happened last night.
suddenly i missed him so much.
we didn't contact each other for a long time.
we didn't sms'ing each other,
we didn'tcalling each other,
we didn't chatting, facebooking ,ym'ing or 
skyping together like we used before.

i missed the old you
i like the way you are.
i missed the words 'gedik' , 'ngada-ngada' , 'busuk' from you.
i missed to call you 'budak tak matang' , 'gedik' , 'poyo', 'bajet hot' , 'keling' and 'busuk'
how i missed it =.=

but tonight
i felt so suprised.
at 8.50 pm, i noticed that one missed call from you.maybe you missed me too.
i dont know my feelings.
excited? happy?worried?
should i call u back?i want it.
let me think first.
maybe you're accidentally press my name in your contact.
but i hope it was not.

you pls call me back 

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